About Erica

Wonderer, traveller, social butterfly, yoga addict, these are just a few of the many adjectives that describe me. I travel where I want, say what I think, believe in positivity, value sense of humor and cherish my friends. That being said I have a pretty incredible life full of adventure!

I live traveling from town to town and can pop up just about anywhere in this country or another at any time, however there are two places you might have a good chance of finding me: Bozeman, Montana (an amazing ski town surrounded by the most beautiful mountain ranges you have ever seen) and Newport Beach, California (The coolest beach town with amazing people, sand, surf and sun).

I work as a freelance columnist on the side and some of my articles have been featured in several Los Angeles and Southern California editorials. I offer website design services and social media marketing services, feel free to Contact me if you are interested in any of the above. All of the photography on this site is my own unless otherwise noted.

You can typically find me running at the beach, checking out new vegan joints, climbing to the top of a mountain somewhere or stretching out at a local yoga studio.