48 Hours in Denver, Colorado

The places I go when I travel are always changing but the few things I always find right away are some great vegan food, find where to try the local brews, take in a hike and do what the locals do.

This of course applies to my trip in the great mile high city, Denver. Yes we all know that Marijuana is legal in Denver which is awesome but no I did not take advantage of that on this particular trip. I have in fact been to Denver on numerous occasions but those were all planned trips with either a show to go see or friends to visit so on this particular solo trip there were a few things I had wanted to do last time that I could get in now.

So lets start off shall we, after all day in an airport I’m usually pretty hungry and definitely thirsty so I solve that problem first. After I got checked in and dropped off my stuff I took to the town on foot. The weather was mild and the town was buzzing even though it was a Tuesday night. I had heard of a spot called City O’ City that was supposed to have the best vegan fare and fresh crafty cocktails and decided that would be my spot for the evening. Upon entering I observed the dim lighting, it was dimly lit in the best way possible, lit in a way to that would allow a solo traveller a nice quite seat unnoticed at the bar to unwind for the night.  I began with a cocktail named ‘spring of 68‘ which consisted of house infused jalapeno tequila, carrot juice, lime, tripel sec, cilantro garnish. This was indeed my first encounter with mixing carrot juice and tequila and I was stoked. Who knew that two of my favorite things could be combined so nicely. It was fresh, earthy and sweet because of the carrot with a little kick at the end. This is one I will definitely re-create at home. While reveling in my spicy carrot, tequila concoction I began to peruse the menu and was immediately concerned. I want everything on the menu, how could I ever make such tough decisions when they all sound so intriguing.

Getting my vegan yum on with the Crudo Board @City O’ City

I started with the crudo board, a melange of zucchini roll-ups, julienned fruits and vegetables in spinach leaves, a rustic salsa in a spoon, and a tower of avocado poke topped with grapefruit, with red bell pepper and greens, house pickled vegetables, delicious. I was unable to make any further decisions without consulting with the creator or my tasty libation, so upon getting some suggestions from the bartender I was able to proceed. Next was seitan wings with half buffalo and half bbq sauce (this is how the bartender suggested I try it) served with ranch and celery. Fantastic, it was as close as anyone has gotten to making a faux meat dish without it tasting like cardboard. Next the savory waffle, a gluten free delight topped with seasonal vegetable ragù and vegan cheese fondue, let me tell you it was stellar!  At this point I had surpassed what could have been any slight notions of hunger many bites ago and could not consume another morsel of tasty vegan goodness, so I decided that for desert I would to go for elevenses cocktail. Lavender infused cap rock gin, earl gray syrup, lemon, topped with soda, this fizzy and effervescent botanical blend was the perfect way to end my night. I crept back out into the night, with what seemed like twenty seven pounds of leftover food to cram into my teeny hotel fridge, with a feeling of satisfaction and success.  

City O’ City
206 E 13th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 831-6443

cc4a847fc03d9a60402dcc106ed9e2fdI arose early, big day ahead, meeting friends at Coors Stadium for a Colorado Rockies game later in the afternoon and needed to get in some time for sightseeing before that. After touring the promenade of neat little shops, bakeries for a while I decided it was time for a bite. That is when I trekked across town to go to Snooze. Once just a small breakfast joint in Denver serving up the best and freshest breakfast fare, now they boast locations in California and Arizona and I can see why. The atmosphere is bright, you can’t help but feel chipper when you are there with all of the fun colors and the fun, bubbly staff. When I am home I am not a big breakfast person, its always some kind of smoothie or juice on the run for me so sometimes when I travel I revel in this enjoyment of a sit down breakfast that is so foreign to me. After assessing my options I have come to the conclusion that I will definitely have to be “that person” that wants to modify something 97 different ways. If there was something I learned from years of working in the service industry and being a vegan is how to put in those annoying orders in a delicate manner as to not royally piss off those poor guys in the kitchen in the first few hours of their 10 hour shift. So I nonchalantly order the Snooze Breakfast Burrito, a monster burrito filled with scrambled eggs (which I had the option to substitute scrambled tofu for), hash browns, house black beans, cheddar & jack cheese (I substituted guacamole), topped with pico de gallo and of green chili. I decided the best accompaniment to my meal was the Gazpacho Bloody Mary, its components consisted of Cucumber, Pepper & Garlic Infused Mell Vodka & House Bloody Mix. Now I feel like the champion of all breakfast champions, you know its going to be a great day already thanks to the fine folks at Snooze.

As a non-organized sports fan, watching sports is about as enthralling as watching paint dry. I have nothing against it in anyway, it just escapes my attentions if I was a five year old walking by a pet store. But when you are in the crowd with all of the excited fans you can’t help but feel a bit excited along with them. There is sunshine and beer so its already going to be a lovely afternoon. I honestly don’t know who won that game but I do know this: people watching at sporting events is the cats pajamas, I mean this is the mother of all people watching spectacles. From parents trying to wrangle their five kids together like a group of monkeys to the die hard body painters to the failed attempt at a creative first daters and a plethora of others in between you can see it all here at Mile High Stadium.

2001 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205

Colorado Rockies/Coors Field



Wilderness Therapy

Twin Lakes, Jackson, Montana

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Goddess Retreat @ Re/creation Cafe, Hollywood Hills, CA

The guys at the Re/Creation Cafe put on an incredible event bringing together so many beautiful souls for a day of yoga, play, beauty and pure bliss. These men treated every woman like the true goddess they are!

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